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Prismierian Culture


September 18, 2023

The roots of a company are deep down at the core, hidden below the surface. They’re the part that supports its growth, nourishes its culture and generates its energy. Too often flashy flowers and tempting fruits prevent you from realizing what enables their growth in the first place.

This series is about giving you a window into our roots, the part rarely seen yet incredibly important. It’s about how the 4 simple concepts of “Own It”, “Be Nice”, “Appreciate Ya” and “Grow On” have formed our core and continued to drive our upward growth since the initial seed was planted. They’ve allowed us to blossom with our customers while preserving our solid core and thriving culture.

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We know, we know, it sounds revolutionary: valuing people above all else. But here at Prismier, it’s just Tuesday. Why? Because in a world where we’re all chasing the next big thing, sometimes it can be easy to take the incredible folks right beside us, making it all happen, for granted.

In an age filled with digital distractions and countless engagements, the genuine expression of appreciation has never been more crucial. A simple “thank you” or “I appreciate you” can bridge gaps, build connections, and foster a positive culture. But appreciation isn’t just a mere word; it’s an attitude, a philosophy, a way of living.

Now, if you’re thinking, “Prismier, you talk about appreciation a lot,” you’re absolutely right. And we know we post about it a fair amount too. Why? Because we feel we have to. Allow us to elaborate.

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What Does “APPRECIATE YA” Mean?

The phrase “APPRECIATE YA” goes beyond mere politeness; it’s a heartfelt expression of gratitude and recognition. It’s not just about acknowledging someone’s efforts but celebrating their unique qualities and contributions. It’s an invitation to see the value in those around you, whether they’re colleagues, family, or friends.

At Prismier, we manufacture things, sure, but more importantly, we manufacture relationships, and our internal landscape is just as vital as our external relationships. We believe in recognizing each other’s efforts, celebrating triumphs, and occasionally laughing at our own expense.

Why? Because it’s not about the nuts and bolts; it’s about the hands that put them together and the trust behind every collaboration. Every day, the remarkable visions presented by our customers and the invaluable contributions from our supplier partners are a testament to this bond. Our core value, ‘Appreciate ya’, is a gentle reminder that we’re in this together.

The Emotional Impact
Whether positive or negative, emotions spread. If one is intentional in expressing them, the impact can be undeniable. Embracing “APPRECIATE YA” not only enhances positive feelings but also creates a ripple effect of goodwill and kindness. As in nature, where a single tree can transform an entire landscape, the forces of appreciation can be transformative.
The effects of this mindset are far-reaching. They promote a positive environment, strengthen relationships, and contribute to personal growth. When people feel appreciated, they’re more likely to be engaged, productive, and happy.

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“APPRECIATE YA” is not a trend; it’s a timeless principle that resonates with human beings’ need to be acknowledged and valued. It’s about recognizing the beauty that exists in others and celebrating it wholeheartedly.

In a world where negativity can easily creep into our lives, let’s make a conscious choice to appreciate and uplift those around us. After all, every person you encounter is fighting a battle you know nothing about. A simple “APPRECIATE YA” can be the beacon of positivity they need.