The Swiss Army Knife of Manufacturing by Prismier

The Swiss Army Knife of Manufacturing

June 22, 2020

We came across this and had to share for everyone who loves timeless designs as much as we do. The “Swiss Army Knife of Manufacturing” is something we’ve aimed to be for our customers since the start. The way we see it, the Swiss Army Knife is brought to form by the merging of metal and plastic components through impeccable design and assembly. The quality of craftsmanship is world renowned. It’s a symbol of utility, efficient functionality, and reliability.  After over 100 years of production, it demonstrates that high quality manufacturing does not go out of style!

Need a tool for multiple uses? The Swiss Army Knife is the solution! Need an “All in One” partner for your manufacturing needs? Prismier will answer the call! As many people know, the Swiss Army Knife has multiple tools that serve various purposes. Whether it be a screwdriver or a can opener, these tools are always dependable and get the job done in an efficient manner. Here at Prismier, we serve multiple industries through a spectrum of manufacturing services. From sheet metal fabrication to plastic injection molding, our company is ready do it all – and to do it fast! Just like a Swiss Army Knife, Prismier can be relied on for numerous jobs. We make customer lives easier by making manufacturing simplified. We strive to disrupt the manufacturing industry by delivering flawless designs in as little time as possible.

Much like the simplified and elegant solution of the Swiss Army Knife, Prismier’s “Manufacturing Simplified” approach gives customers fast and easy answers to their most demanding challenges. The Swiss Army Knife has been able to remain at the top of the manufacturing leaderboard because of its simple, yet innovative structure. Prismier embodies these principles by adapting to a rapidly changing industry through flexible and reliable design processes. There is nothing complicated to our strategy, but it is what makes us different from other manufacturing companies. We have yet to see another company replicate our approach. 

The Swiss Army Knife has been around for a long time and continues to prove its worth, just like Prismier!

S wiss Army Knife of Manufacturing
 I nnovative in Design
M anufactured Quality 
P roblem Solving
L ike a “One Stop Shop” for all your needs
 I nventive in approach 
F lexible to meet demands
 I nspired  
E xperienced 
D riven to succeed