The Prismier Story: Reaching 20 Years
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Corporate History

The Prismier Story: Reaching 20 Years

June 12, 2024

Twenty years ago, Prismier was founded by two bootstrapped guys set out with a clear mission: to simplify manufacturing.

From our Cofounders’ early days of wearing all the hats and striving to be everything to everyone, our committed team has propelled Prismier from a small startup to a global leader in the manufacturing industry. We’ve always known that manufacturing isn’t done in the cloud—it takes true expertise. By blending cutting-edge digital tools with essential human interaction, we’ve created a formula that our customers trust and rely on.

We could never anticipate all the changes the industry would bring, but we’ve always been ready for them. Along the way, we’ve embraced the shifts that have redefined our sector—be it the global pandemic, rapid AI growth, or ongoing engineering advances—we’ve thrived for 20 years by adapting and keeping our customers at the center.

As we hit our 20-year mark, we’re excited about what lies ahead. We’ve spent two decades proving why we’re different, merging time-tested traditions with today’s rapid demands to stay ahead of our customers’ needs. Our mission since the start has always been—and will always be—to simplify manufacturing.

Prismier's 20 Year Anniversary Logo

But looking back is only a small part of our celebration.

Today, we continue to serve world-renowned customers, including top companies across a multitude of industries. We lead with deep industry expertise, a commitment to continuous improvement, and the strong personal connections we’ve nurtured with our customers and partners since day one. It’s easy for others to pop ‘simplified’ onto a slide deck, but at Prismier, it’s been our genuine trademark for 20 years—listening to our customers, understanding their goals, and making it happen.

We could pat ourselves on the back, but we’d rather get back to innovating, progressing, and delivering the service you’ve come to expect. We’re geared up for the next 20 years with the same vigor and resolve that brought us here.

To everyone who’s been a part of our journey—our dedicated team, our strategic partners, and of course, our customers—Prismier is nothing without you. Thank you for enabling us to exceed the ordinary.

Happy 20th Anniversary, Prismier. Here’s to the next chapter in our extraordinary story!