The Roots of Prismier – Own It
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The Roots of Prismier – Own It

February 24, 2021

The roots of a company are deep at the company core, hidden below the surface. They’re the part that supports its growth, nourishes its culture and generates its energy. Too often flashy flowers and tempting fruits prevent you from realizing what enables their growth in the first place.

This series is about giving you a window into our roots, the part rarely seen yet incredibly important. It’s about how the 4 simple concepts of “Own It”, “Be Nice”, “Appreciate Ya” and “Grow On” have formed our core and continued to drive our upward growth since the initial seed was planted. They’ve allowed us to blossom with our customers while preserving our solid core and thriving culture.

Owning It Stems From Our Company Culture

Everyone likes to own it when things go right. That’s easy. An order comes in, a part goes out, everyone is happy. That’s where ownership begins and ends for typical manufacturers.

However, we take "owning it" much further.
Gnarly Tree-bubbles

At Prismier, even when things get challenging, we never take the easy way out. We are always committed to finding solutions and to maintaining transparent communications. No matter how big or small an issue may be, we own it.

If there is ever an error, whether it’s our mistake or not, we’re in this together. We believe that our customers’ success is our success, so we don’t make excuses, we own it.

None of this can be found in any automated software package or programmed into any online platform. Rather, it’s an attitude that is deeply rooted in our company culture and reaffirmed by our actions every day.


“Owning It” Cultivates Fruitful Relationships

Anyone with experience manufacturing custom parts knows that things don’t always go according to plan. A lot of manufacturers are fine with saying, “our lead time is what it is” or “that part can’t be made.” “Owning it” is what separates us from the average manufacturer. It’s what nourishes our relationships and allows the bond with our customers to grow stronger with time.

We make custom parts, but we’re also in the relationship business. We actively cultivate great working relationships built on trust and respect. Our aim to own every aspect of what we do, regardless of the challenges, has been the foundation for the enduring relationships we’ve built over the years. In the world of custom manufacturing, we understand that service, speed and quality are essential. As Prismier delivers on each of those essentials, we also develop a productive partnership that you can depend on.


The Grassroots of Owning It

At every level of our company and across all our domestic and international operations, the mandate is to “own it.” That has been clear from our founding. Every Prismierian knows owning each and every thing they do is what it takes to uphold our reputation and reliability. This is how we talk about owning it every day:

  • When someone truly “owns it” , everyone else knows they can rely on that person to manage any obstacles and difficulties to get the job done. There are no excuses, only solutions. We definitely do that at Prismier every day. In 2020, this critical core value has now risen to a significantly higher level and Prismierians are pulling together and “owning it” individually and therefore as a group. ~ Jennifer
  • When I commit a mistake, I own it by admitting I did it wrong and fix the issue. ~ Armando
  • We don’t say, “It’s not my fault,” or “It’s not my job.” We take responsibility for meeting our commitments — our personal ones as well as those of the entire organization. We take ownership of the results. We are committed to creating value for all of Prismier’s key stakeholders. We set high performance standards and hold ourselves personally and collectively accountable to meeting our objectives. ~ Phillip
  • We all send and receive a zillion emails a day. I’ve missed a PO come over a few times and I’ve not only explained to the customer what happened but also made sure their order was prioritized so they didn’t lose any time. ~ Christine

The Growing Impact of owning it

A culture of “owning it” branches itself out and touches every part of our company. Internally, it’s what guides us and keeps each of us rowing in the same direction despite working across diverse functional areas. Beyond our doors, it’s what nourishes our relationships and keeps our customers coming back.

So, when you partner with Prismier, you know you can count on us to deliver because at our very core, we own it.