What Being a Manufacturing Partner Means to Us
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What Being a Manufacturing Partner Means to Us

July 21, 2020

The world of manufacturing is under rapid transformation, but the role of being a reliable partner has always been the same.

In this time of change, the importance of investing in new technologies that add speed, precision and new capabilities to your services is undeniable. But if all that matters is a quick quote and having the right machines, why do our customers keep coming back to us?

Our competitors have a lot of the same machines that we have. They have the same ability to meet deadlines. Their prices are competitive with ours. We aren’t the biggest. We don’t have the fanciest website. Yet for 15 years we’ve grown steadily as more and more engineers, commodity managers, buyers and project managers have come to rely on us for a greater amount of their manufacturing demands.

There must be something else they value that keeps them coming back. Maybe there are some clues in the feedback we get.

“I wanted to thank you all for your efforts in getting our parts done on time and done right! We were pleasantly surprised today when we received your latest shipment. We now can make our deadline on deliveries. I sure am glad I stumbled onto your web site and you became a partner with us. Fantastic job, keep up the great work and Happy Holidays.” ~ Christine

“You guys are awesome! Mike, Another great example of your team doing whatever it takes to get it done. Kudos to them!”~ Kevin

“You guys are amazing, thanks for being such a great team & supporting us!”~ Jana

Sure, we get feedback about our prices being tough to beat and the speed of our deliveries. By and large, the reason mechanical engineers hold us as their best kept secret is because of the service we provide. When the price, quality and delivery time are all consistent, the team that truly cares will shine.

In this competitive landscape there are times when you need a partner you know you can rely on to do the job right. Someone who will pick up the phone and be eager to listen and go the extra mile to make sure your part is perfect. When “expedited” doesn’t always mean the same thing to everyone, you need someone who will confirm your part will be there and feels accountable for their promise.

This is who we are to our customers.

It’s woven into the core of who we are as a company. Prismier was co-founded by a 2nd generation precision sheet metal fabricator and a mechanical engineer who still remember what it meant when customers counted on their manufacturing partners as an integral part of their operations. When they knew each other by name and relied on long relationships to support their business. It’s in the pillars of our mission statement and entrenched in our core differentiators.

This is what being a true manufacturing partner means to us. Our customers are not just account numbers. We know they can go anywhere to get a cheap part knocked out, but when a part really matters, they come to us. That is something we take pride in.

You would think if we care this much and put this much extra effort into our work our prices must be higher, right? Give us a shot on your next prototype opportunity, you might be surprised at how we stack up. Those fancy websites aren’t free apparently.