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Engine Coolant Outlet Flange

Prismier’s streamlined operations, rapid turnaround, and global presence make it easy for mid- to large-sized OEMs to serve the world’s automotive markets. Gain access to end-to-end production, assembly, and logistics solutions without complicated and costly hand-offs.

From rapid prototypes to machining, metal stamping, molding, and fabrication, our precision-made parts are manufactured to the highest standards so that you can meet the strictest regulatory requirements.

Our commitment to quality delivers a smoother run for you. Proven design optimization strategies help keep you on schedule, while dedicated, in-process quality checks ensure every part remains true to design no matter how large or small your production run. Our laser focus on efficiency, combined with our resourceful purchasing power, enable us to drive down costs so you can stay on budget.

  • Ignition Systems

  • Infotainment

  • GPS

  • Instrumentation

  • Interiors

  • Sensors

  • Suspension

  • HVAC

  • Controls

  • Drivetrains

  • Exterior

  • Fuel Handling

  • Fuel Injection

  • Power Systems

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