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Aerospace & Defense

Take flight with high-caliber manufacturing solutions

When it comes to defense and aerospace projects, there is no room for error. Budgets are awarded and contracts are won based on your ability to deliver on time, on budget, and on spec. Protect your ability to carry through by partnering with Prismier.


Our proven expertise, comprehensive suite of budget-friendly solutions, and quick turnaround make us the go-to experts for rapid prototypes, CNC machining, die cast, and stamping and molding.


Need parts with exotic alloys? Just name your specs for gauge, thickness, and finish. We ensure every design is optimized for manufacturing and assembly to defend against schedule creep and cost overruns. Our complete assembly, finishing, and logistics solutions further safeguard your margins.

From weapons systems and satellites to cockpit components and sensors, we’ve manufactured parts that power the world’s most sensitive equipment for both the private sector and the Armed Forces.


We understand that safety and security are mission critical. Our strict quality assurance processes ensure every part, product, and assembly is built to the most exacting standards.

Communication Satellite
Food Tray Assemblies
Seat Track Components
Cock Pit Components
Guidance and Control
Cabin Interior Components
Weapons Systems