Why Mechanical Engineers Should Always Thank The Dragon
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Why Mechanical Engineers Should Always Thank The Dragon

February 10, 2020

The story begins with our purchase of a brand spanking new Automated Fiber Laser. Everyone was excited to welcome it to the family and add some more muscle to our sheet metal fabrication lineup. Hector (our chief operator) gave the laser a name, “The Dragon.”

In almost no time, Hector became one with The Dragon. The two of them were banging out parts like you wouldn’t believe. The Dragon even seemed to develop a sense of pride about his work. Then the day came when we hooked The Dragon up to our new network. Something seemed to change after this. The quality is as good as ever and he still works through the night on the regular, but something seems off with The Dragon.

Hector believes The Dragon found a way to access our email server and saw the slew of messages we receive every day from mechanical engineers, and as a result The Dragon now feels unappreciated.

Actual responses from customers that The Dragon probably saw:

  • “I hope that Prismier recognizes that Mark is an asset and a huge talent. Mark makes me look good.”
  • “Good morning Justin, I really appreciate you guys making this piece so fast! Thanks!”
  • Janet, The parts were received and everything fit correctly. Thanks!”
  • “Thank you so much Haley, Janet, Justin and the rest of the Prismier team! This has been a huge help for us”
  • “Hello Christine, We received the parts today. They look great, very nice work.”

Nothing about The Dragon. But The Dragon is a valued (and very expensive) part of our team too! The Dragon is the reason we can meet the demands of the engineers we serve. The thing is, while machines like The Dragon allow us to play the game, it’s our people that allow us to keep winning.

At the end of the day, we want every Prismerian to be happy, even if they are a machine. So if you have a great experience and you want to thank The Dragon, or any of our machines, drop us a line and we’ll make sure they get the message.

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