Sheet Metal in The Prismier Age
Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal in The Prismier Age

December 3, 2019

When human beings went from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age it wasn’t because we suddenly discovered bronze. What propels advancement is access to the technology that allows us to transform increasingly complex materials into something more useful. There was iron before the Iron Age, just like there was sheet metal services before the Prismier Age.

What marks the Prismier Age isn’t just access to sheet metal services. It’s access to the unique combination of speed + accuracy, in-house production + global manufacturing capabilities, automation + hands-on support, generations of experience + bleeding edge technology that only Prismier has been able to offer.


It provides America’s innovators the opportunity to unleash their creativity and push the boundaries of possibilities. It’s a partnership that exceeds the prototype capabilities of model shops and allows engineers to focus intently on their designs. It’s the reason so many of America’s leading research and development teams have entered the Prismier Age and never looked back.

Step into the future on your next sheet metal project. Welcome to the Prismier Age.