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Illuminating smarter manufacturing solutions

When is a bracket more than a bracket? When your reputation rests on it.

With lighting, consumers have a wide selection of options. So how do distinguished lighting providers set themselves apart? Through reputation—based on quality, selection, and price. That’s why you need an experienced manufacturing partner that can deliver high-caliber parts within your budget and on your schedule.


Prismier is that partner. We provide premier mid- to large-size OEMs with comprehensive solutions that meet their specifications. Need a prototype, fast? Done. Ready for production?


We offer state-of-the-art expertise in fabrication, stamping, die cast, and molding. And when manufacturing is complete, we can assist with assembly, packaging, shipping, and even stocking agreements.

From mounting brackets to reflective elements to ballasts, we’ve manufactured it. Why is this important?

LED Lights

Because we understand how the pieces fit into the whole—and use this expertise to ensure your prototype and production-ready designs are optimized for manufacturing and assembly. In-process quality checks eliminate surprises and keep production on schedule.

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