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Engineer a market advantage with cost-effective manufacturing solutions

No matter if you’re a first mover or a fast follower, speed-to-market and quality parts are high-value commodities in the consumer goods industry. To stand out from the competition, you need a manufacturing partner that can deliver on both—and more.

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Whatever services your require—plastic and rapid injection molding, plastic machining, milling and turning, or fabrication —we can deliver, with total fidelity to your design.

And we go beyond production to offer value-added solutions like assembly, packaging, and shipping and warehousing, to further cut costs, time, and headaches from your project.

From enclosures and exteriors to battery clips, internal bracketry, contacts, and more, every part is manufactured to meet your most demanding expectations.

With Prismier, OEMs get more than just a manufacturer of custom metal and plastic parts. They benefit from a quick prototype-to-market cycle. They have access to extensive R&D expertise that ensures quality design and manufacturability. And they gain the advantage of tried-and-true processes and a global presence that reduce costs and lead times at every turn.

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