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About Us

Need custom metal or plastic parts on demand? You’ve found the right partner. From prototypes to production to finishing, assembly, packaging, and warehousing, we do it all—and we do it fast. Our approach is not complicated, but it has yet to be duplicated.

Manufacturing Simplified

Some of the largest companies around the world turn to us when they need affordable, custom-made parts on a tight schedule. And it’s not just because we’re fun to work with. It’s because we have defined manufacturing simplified.

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We disrupt business as usual

At Prismier, we like to say we’re not your father’s job shop. We eliminated the business-as-usual hurdles— long lead times, outdated techniques, inflexible processes, unreliable quality—to focus our entire operation on you: your needs, your specifications, your budget, and your time.

Our Vision

To make manufacturing simplified.

Our Mission

We make high-quality, custom metal and plastic parts, fast and simple for our customers.

Our proven approach makes your life easier

Tired of having to chase down every last detail of your project? With Prismier, you don’t have to. We offer solutions for every step of your journey. Our expertise with design optimization helps you save money and time. And as early adopters, we are constantly evaluating new methods, technology, and equipment to better serve you. Tying it all together are our four guarantees:


We deliver on some of the shortest lead times in the industry so you don’t need to scramble.


We combine extensive experience with skilled ingenuity, so you can explore innovative design with less risk.


A customer-focused culture is all about relationships. We look to build long term customers and it shows with each interaction.


Need an unusual design, need it fast, need it assembled and packaged? We line up the resources to support you every step of the way.

Be nice.
Own it.
Appreciate ya.
Grow on.

We foster a culture of innovation

Lots of companies say they are customer-focused; we live it. It shows in our rapid turnaround, our quality of production, and the relationships we build. It fuels our drive to tackle your design challenges and devise budget- and time-saving solutions. It is the definition of our corporate culture.

A customer-focused culture isn’t built on employee perks—although we offer lots of bells and whistles. We start by hiring enterprising individuals and investing in their development. We foster engagement by having fun and communicating regularly. We use proven tools like Traction to set goals and manage accountability. And at the root of our culture are four core values that our employees own.

Our global operations support your 24/7 business cycle

When you serve customers around the globe, you need an international presence. Our headquarters near Chicago, Illinois, put us in the heartland of the U.S. But our manufacturing centers in Mexico and China provide us with the flexibility to support your 24/7 business cycle in terms of schedule, budget, production, and shipping.

We are constantly raising the bar

Prismier was founded in January 2004 with the intention of shaking up conventional thinking in the manufacturing world. Even as we have expanded our operations around the globe, that spirit continues to drive us. Every member of our leadership team is dedicated to challenging the status quo in an unceasing bid to improve how we serve our customers.

Our executive team

Dave Low

Cofounder and Vice President of Operations

Mike Tummillo

Cofounder and Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Phil Miller

Senior Director of Quality

Jennifer Nelson


Scott van Pelt

Senior Director of Business Development

Allen Tsai

Senior Director of Project Management and Engineering

John Petrusa

Senior Director of People & Culture

Join a company where your contributions will be valued

What makes Prismier stand out as an employer? It’s not just the superior benefits we offer. It’s the fact that we recognize the expertise each of our employees bring to the team. We invest in our employees growth. And it’s because we are a fun place to be. Sound good? Click here to learn more about open opportunities.

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